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B.A. Visual Artist. Grad. Dip Ed. Art

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My Background

My love of art began from the age of four years. My grandmother an artist, encouraged me as we sat together drawing scenes from around our farm in the south west of Western Australia. She also taught me to paint, along with giving me her illustrated Bible. I have always had a paint brush or pencil in my hand.

At nineteen years of age I went to the city to study art at Claremont Technical college. I completed one year before leaving to get married. Fourteen years later I went to Edith Cowan University and completed an arts degree, and teaching diploma, and a new career as professional Christian artist started, I paint contemporary art in series.

My husband and I love to travel the world and we have been to many places and seen their famous art galleries, museums and architecture, (cathedrals), which has influenced and enhanced my art practice.


My Medium

I work in two mediums: Painting and Drawing.

My paintings are predominantly in the square format using oil on canvas. I like working on large scale paintings in a modern style. I am currently working on a painting series called "Songs of Solomon."

Drawings - Over 22 years, I have created a visual record of the Bible; at the moment I am working on black and white text-collages, with a hardcover book being the result ... “The Book of Ecclesiastes”. My current project is a book “Songs of Solomon." 


My Inspiration

whatever is true, 

whatever is honourable, 

whatever is just, 

whatever is pure, 

whatever is lovely, 

whatever is commendable,

if there is any excellence,

if there is anything worthy of praise,

think on these things.   

Philippians 4:8

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