Solo Exhibitions

New Series to be completed


Paintings inspired by Bible reading and collages completed on the same theme. Time and date of the exhibition to be announced soon.

Open Art studio


2013 Ocean Reef art studio.  Many artworks on display throughout the house and gardens including 'Monet Meets Millstream' series. A visit to Monet's waterlilies in France is compared to Millstream homestead waterlilies in Western Australia.

Abrohlos Dreaming Series


2008 Solo Exhibition at Goldsmith Gallery, Geraldton. A series of abstract paintings were exhibited that explored the Abrohlos Islands and the cray fishermen who worked out to sea off the Geraldton coast.

Island Series


2004 Solo Exhibition at Gloucester Lodge Museum. After a visit to the Cook Islands I created a series of paintings that explored the "Islands" and the cultures of the inhabitants.

Wordless Book Series


2002/3 Solo exhibitions at Geraldton Regional Gallery and Gloucester Lodge Museum. "The wordless book" is a set of 5 colours that represent the gospel story. This concept was explored in paint in abstract format. 9 sets of 5 artworks were on display.

Esther Series


1999 First Solo exhibition at Gloucester Lodge Museum. A series of 19 large abstract text paintings revealing the Bible story of "Esther," and her heroism.

Group Exhibitions

Same Same but Different


2012 a Group Exhibition at ACDC Art Gallery, Geraldton, W.A. I exhibited "Monet Meets Millstream"  inspired by my trip to Monet's Garden outside Paris and the Millstream homestead in Western Australia. Fran Mack exhibited paintings of the Pilbara, W.A. and Maree Mack displayed creative ceramic artworks.

Figure it Out


2006 a Group Exhibition titled "Figure it Out" at the Blender Gallery, Joondalup W.A. Lesley Byfield and I exhibited figurative drawings in acrylic paint and pastel and charcoal.

Landscape Seascape Escape


2005 a Group Exhibition titled "Landscape, Seascape, Escape" at Blender Gallery, Joondalup WA. Marisa Tindale exhibited artworks inspired by the land, Tricia Philp's inspiration was the sea and my artwork was figurative artworks on denim.

Sea and seashells


2004 A group exhibition with Tricia Philp at Mindarie Senior College, W.A. We both presented a sea themed exhibition using different forms.

An Art Decade


2001 At Gloucester Lodge Museum, Yanchep, W.A. Suzie Taylor, Dell Williamson and I exhibited our art. I explored "A Decade of Art" while Suzie displayed various artworks including "the Lady of the Lake" and Dell, the English countryside.

the Essence of Yanchep


1999 to 2000 Jennifer was involved with "The Christian Artists together" group, resulting in three exhibitions at Gloucester Lodge Museum. Those exhibiting were Debra Ellery, Marie McNeil, Sandra Hansen, Jeanette Giroud, Raelene Cameron, Suzie Taylor, Del Williamson and myself. It was a wonderful time of friendship and art collaboration.